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YouTube Tag Generator: Create Optimized Tags for Your Videos

Tags are an essential part of optimizing your YouTube videos. Tags help YouTube understand what your video is about so it can surface it in relevant searches. The right tags can get your videos found more easily by your target audience.

But coming up with great tag ideas for all your videos can be time consuming and challenging. This is where a YouTube tag generator comes in handy. These handy tools can automatically generate optimized tag suggestions for your videos when you input a title or topic. Using a tag generator saves time, provides new tag ideas, and can help improve your video performance.

In this article, we’ll explore what YouTube tag generators are, key benefits of using one, and tips for optimizing your video tags. We’ll also overview some of the top tag generator options. Read on to learn how to quickly create effective tags with a YouTube tag generator!

Overview of YouTube Tag Generators

A YouTube tag generator is a tool or service that automatically generates suggested tag ideas when you input keywords, video titles, or descriptions. The generator pulls from various data sources to provide relevant tag recommendations.

Here are some benefits of using a YouTube tag generator:

  • Saves time - Tag generators provide a starting point so you don’t have to brainstorm tags from scratch. Just input some info and get instant recommendations.
  • Provides new ideas - Generators suggest tags you may not have thought of on your own. This can help give your tags more variety.
  • Optimizes tags - Many generators analyze search volume data to suggest higher traffic tags. This helps prioritize better performing tags.

There are a number of excellent YouTube tag generators available. Here are some top options:

YouTube Keyword Generator Tag Generator is a tool that studies your video topic and churns out optimized tag ideas. It’s easy to use for your YouTube video.

YouTube Tag Generator Tool

VidIQ's Tag Generator analyzes tags that ranking videos in your niche use to provide smart suggestions. Also a handy browser extension.

YouTube Video Tag Generator

TagPile is an online tag generator that creates tags based on your title and description. Easy to use with no login required.

YouTube SEO Tag Generator isn't just for YouTube but provides useful tag ideas from seed keywords. Helps find high volume search terms.

YouTube Tag And Title Generator

UberSuggest is a free online tool that generates tag, title, and description suggestions based on seed keywords. Very simple to use.

How to Use a YouTube Tag Generator

Using a tag generator is straightforward. Follow these tips:

Choose a Generator

Look over the various generator options and pick one that suits your needs. Browser extensions like TubeBuddy and VidIQ make it easy to generate tags right on YouTube.

Input Title or Topic

Put your video title, topic keywords, or description into the generator. This gives it source material to create tags from.

Review and Refine Tags

Scan the generated tags. Delete irrelevant ones that don’t describe your video. Add your own tags not suggested.

Prioritize High Traffic Tags

Many generators show search volume data. Use this to prioritize tags with higher search traffic potential.

Add Long-Tail Variations

Include longer, more specific long-tail versions of tags. For example "funny cat video" rather than just "funny video".

Check Character Count

YouTube allows up to 500 characters for tags. Use all available characters for optimal tagging.

Optimizing Your Video Tags

While tag generators provide a great starting point, you can take your tags a step further:

Do Keyword Research

Find high-traffic keywords and phrases around your topic to include as tags. Look at search volume and competition.

Study Competitor Videos

Check out tags that other popular videos in your niche use. See what's working for them.

Include Keywords in Titles and Descriptions

Use your most important keywords in titles and descriptions too, not just tags.

Try Keyword Variations

Include singular/plural forms, alternate spellings, synonyms, etc.

Leverage Long-Tail Keywords

Go beyond just main keywords. Include longer, more specific variations.

Prune Repetitive or Irrelevant Tags

Delete filler tags that aren't useful or tags you've already covered.

Be Consistent

Use consistent title case and formatting across tags. Ex. "Funny Cat Video" vs "funny cat video".

Maximize Character Count

Use all 500 characters YouTube provides for tags to maximize optimization.

Using a YouTube tag generator is an easy way to quickly create effective tags for your videos. The generators provide an optimized starting point, while still allowing you to refine and add tags tailored to your content.

Try using a free YouTube tag generator like or VidIQ the next time you upload a video. Quality tags can go a long way in improving your video's performance and ability to rank in YouTube searches. Pair the suggested tags with additional keyword research and optimization for even better results.

With the right set of optimized tags, you can help your videos stand out on YouTube and get discovered by more viewers who are interested in your content. A tag generator can provide a helpful head start in the tagging process.


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